Meet Our Partners

The JC Flowers Foundation

The J.C. Flowers Foundation partners with other funding organizations, governments and local grassroots organizations to solve health and social problems. Based on a belief that the people who live in the communities have the best knowledge about how to solve their own problems, the Foundation supports locally identified solutions. The Foundation brings to the table financial, technical and operational support as well as access to partnerships and advocacy at national and international levels. In 2010, the J.C. Flowers Foundation was asked to help pilot an innovative partnership to help re-integrate recent parolees into Harlem’s vibrant community. Most parolees- predominantly young men of color- are released into anJCFF_white environment of poverty, unemployment and unstable housing which leads to high re-incarceration (recidivism) rates. The Foundation’s work in Parolee Re-entry began in 2010 with the Re-entry Faith and Family Circles of Support and in 2014 was expanded to also support Network in the Community, a 20 year veteran provider of parolee re-entry support services.



The Harlem Community Justice Center

The Harlem Parole Reentry Court – located at the Harlem Community Justice Center — helps parolees from the Harlem community make the transition from life in prison to responsible citizenship in the first six months of their release. The Reentry Court works in cooperation with the N.Y.S Division of Criminal Justice Services, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, the N.Y.S Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, N.Y.C Mayor’s Office, Center for Employment Opportunities and other local service providers. A recent evaluation of the Reentry Court demonstrated that graduates were less likely to commit new crimes. Funding for the Reentry Court is provided under a U.S Department of Justice Second Chance Act grant.



The Interfaith Center of New York

The Interfaith Center of New York is a nationally-recognized non-profit organization that catalyzes collaborations among hundreds of grassroots and immigrant religious leaders and civic officials (judges, teachers, and social workers) to address New York’s most pressing social problems.  Drawing on its relationships with New York City communities of faith, The Interfaith Center of New York is creating a network of congregations whose members will provide a variety of different supports to parolees returning to Harlem and their families.



Network Support Services

1009890_120265161516607_2029967763_nNetwork was launched in 30 prisons in 1979 by the New York State Department of Correctional Services, as a therapeutic-community quality of life program. Then, as now, separate prison dorms, cottages or cell blocks in medium and maximum-security facilities became home to positive men and women committed to turning their lives around through daily therapeutic activity, education and peer/ staff support.
Network in the Prisons and its sister program, Network in the Community–developed in 2004 to meet an urgent demand for more and better services for prison re-entrants–are sponsored and directed  by Network Support Services, Inc.(NSSI). Together, the two Network Programs support, guide and walk the walk to freedom with over 1,000 individuals each year.

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