Raising My Voice

“I want you to help me find places where I can speak to people so I can tell them my story. I have a serious story to tell. And God willing, I pray that my story can deter those individuals from living a similar lifestyle that I one lived before it is too late.” – Raising My Voice Graduate
“Raising My Voice provided me an opportunity to raise awareness in my community and expectations within myself.” – Raising My Voice Graduate


The Raising My Voice Speakers Bureau offers formerly incarcerated individuals the opportunity to inspire communities with their personal narrative and build leadership skills. This initiative encourages individuals who have returned from prison and changed their lives to:

1) inspire communities to mobilize around effective reentry policies and practices

2) “give back” to communities they have harmed by deterring  others from walking in their shoes

3) develop critical work and leadership skills.

Raising My Voice members receive 22 hours of an intensive public speaking training utilizing an 11 session, highly interactive curriculum designed specifically for formerly incarcerated persons. Upon graduation, Raising My Voice members will present to faith groups, community organizations, and students, as well as non-traditional audiences such as employers, prosecutors, and law enforcement.


Click here to read the biographies of the Speakers Bureau.

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