The Problem

Arrestees in Upper Manhattan have deeper and more serious criminal justice involvement than those in the rest of Manhattan.

  • 49% of arrestees in Upper Manhattan had prior convictions compared to 40% in the rest of Manhattan

  • The precint serving Central Harlem had the highest rate of prior felony convictions in Manhattan at 43%.

  • In Harlem, 39% of parolees are re-incarcerated within a year of release, 42% within three years.

  • Every year 2,200 people return from NY state prisons to the streets of Harlem, which constitutes the highest number of parolees in any county in the US.

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Men and women returning from prison to Harlem are more likely to be re-incarcerated if they don’t have access to support services, employment, or positive mentors. COS seeks to provide positive social support for individuals in order to promote successful reintegration.


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